From: mitsu Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2018
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Subject: Japanese nuclear policy
Dear Friends,
A well-known expert on ternal exposure,Mr. Etsuji watanabe has sent me the attached message in response to my last BCC message I have sent you.He kindly corrected a misprint regarding the distance between the No.2 reactor and Tokyo which is 110km and not 250km.
With best regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
(Messag of  Mr. Etsuji Watanabe)
Dear friends,
The below is an appeal from a famous Japanese diplomat, former ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata.
He has been actively warning the radiological dangers and risks that Tokyo Olympic 2020 entails.
In this mail, he clearly points out the serious problems about the NRA's endorsement of the restart of Tokai-Daini nuclear power plant.
This over-40-year-old plant, which should have been decommissioned by the laws, is located in the middle of residencial and city areas, and very near Tokyo, only about 100km away.
In fact this plant was seriously damaged by the 2011 earthquake and tsumami.
Possible meltdown like Fukushima Daiichi would contaminate directly and critically the most
populated areas in Japan.
I strongly agree with Mr.Murata that the Japanese government seems to be losing its sensible
judgement about the nuclear policy.
The situation is getting seriously dangerous not only to Japanese citizens or foreign citizens living
in Japan but also to the world as a whole.
Welcome to forward and spread this mail, especially the mail below.
With greetings of solidarity,
Etsuji Watanabe
-----Original Message-----
Dear Friends,
Toshiba has retreated from the nuclear construction project in Great Britain.
France has withdrawn from the Astride project of creating a new type of nuclear reactor.
"The destructive power of nuclear energy and immorality in all directions" seems to be increasingly understood worldwide.
The nuclear policy of Japan could not but be affected by such emerging new international moves as theintervention of the United Nations in the protection of health of the workers at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and that of the temporary refugees recommended to return to the native places where radioactivity is 20 times higher than before the accident.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has recently authorized the restart of the Tokai No.2 nuclear reactor situated only 110 km from Tokyo. 
It reflects the problematic level of the Commission, for the mere intuition of a citizen allows us to foresee the decisive opposition of the public against this decision. 
The neighboring cities have started reacting strongly as expected. 
The nuclear policy of Japan remains fundamentally the same as before the Fukushima accident of 2011.
Conscientious Japanese citizens can hardly understand or accept it.
The nuclear energy seems to paralyze the sense of ethics.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland

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