Dear Director General Yukiya Amano,
I hope all goes well for you.
I am drawing attention of top world leaders to the deteriorating radioactive contamination emanating from Fukushima.
It is difficult to be optmistic about the future of Japan and the world.
The conscienscious citizens seriously wory about the unstoppable and spreading nuclear disaster.
 The survey conducted by the Maritime Safety Agency has shown that the contamination of the Tokyo Bay is quite preoccupying. The Government had asserted that the contamination by the strontium 90 was not substantial. The above-mentioned survey revealed to the contrary that the volume of strontium was as much as half that of cesium.
A few days ago, Dr. Akira Hasegawa, Maxwell Prize laureate, addressed me his pessimistic point of view as follows;
“I am afraid that meltdowns continue and fuel debris could already have thrusted through the containment vessels into the underground. Nothing could be done. This is an “entirely at a loss” situation.”
The lapse of 5 years after the 3/11 disaster is giving birth to a remarkable change in the public opinion.
Inconvenient truth is quite noticeably surfacing.
The weekly magazine “Josei Jishin” (March22 edition)carries 4 pages article, describing the agonies of mothers unable to leave their living quarters to protect the health of their children, opposed by their husbands.
This epoch-making article conveys the anger of the concerned against the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.
The weekly magazine “ Playboy” in its March 21 and March 28 editions has also revealed  the extent of radioactive contamination spreading widely from Fukushima, including Tokyo.

According to “Stars and Stripes“, 8 Ronald Reagan sailors who participated in relief efforts after Japan’s nuclear disaster five years ago, claiming a host of medical conditions they say are related to radiation exposure, filed
suit in 2012 against the  Tokyo Electric Power Co. The list of sailors who have joined the lawsuit has grown to 370. The illnesses listed in the lawsuit include genetic immune system diseases, headaches, difficult concentrating, thyroid problems, bloody noses, rectal and gynecological bleeding and others. This is indeed a serious problem. Fukushima cannot be forgotten. It wil soon awaken the American public opinion.
A former Prime Minister will be visiting the USA soon.
Professor Karl Grossman of New York State University has issued a serious warning, in Counter/Punch, March 28,2016, against nuclear terrorism aiming at nuclear reactors, referring to the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium. He writes that nuclear reactors are pre-deployed weapons of mass destruction, disclosing that two of the Brussels terrorists were planning attacks on Belgian nuclear plants. He rightly concludes that all 438 nuclear power plants around the world today could—and should—close now.

The operations of the two restarted reactors in Japan should be stopped as soon as possible.
Japan’s future is at stake. It will affect the whole world.
The ENENEWS already stuns the world.
All out efforts should be made to stop the radioactive contamination.
For this, Japan is seriously in need of international cooperation.
Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.
With highest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata


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