Tokyo, December 20, 2016
Dear Ambassador Caroline Kennedy,

The disaster that struck Fukushima just over five and half years ago has become a crisis not just for Japan and the Pacific region, but for all humanity. Fukushima is a Crisis of Civilization and it demands a new approach to global ethics. The mobilization of human wisdom on the largest scale is of absolute necessity to solve this crisis.

I am sending you “The Crisis of Civilization eBook”.
It is the collection of my messages sent out in English since the March 11 Fukushima Disaster, which has been kindly edited by the Natural Solutions Foundation, a private international NGO focused on health and food freedom.

The term of your mission in Japan, crowned with the realization of the historic visit to Hiroshima of President Obama is regrettably limited. I am pinning hopes on your collaboration with President Obama in favor of denuclearization even after the end of his terms of office. Please convey my warmest greetings to
President Obama. It is thanks to him that the shift from the current paternal civilization to a maternal one has started, thus
giving birth to a change as regards the misdirected mainstream of the world.

I wish to send you Season’s greetings and all good wishes for the coming year !

With warmest and highest regards,

 Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland


 健康と食料問題を扱う国際NGO,自然解決事業団(Natural Solutions Foundation)の好意により、このほど福島事故後発出された私の英文メッセージが「文明の危機」と題する資料の形で編纂されましたのでお届けいたします。

 オバマ大統領の歴史的広島訪問の実現で輝く貴大使の日本での任期は残念ながら限られております。貴大使がオバマ大統領の引退後も核廃絶に向けて同大統領 との協力を続けられることを期待しております。どうか同大統領にこの気持をお伝え願います。現在の父性文明から母性文明への移行が始リ、病める世界の主流 の変化が生まれつつあるのはオバマ大統領のお蔭です。 



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