Tokyo, 18 October, 2016

Dear Ambassador Caroline Kennedy,

The election on October 16 of the new Governor of Niigata who is opposed against the restart of nuclear reactors has shocked the Government and the “ nuclear village”. His predecessor who was also opposed to the restart had been obliged to retire for unconvincing reasons.
This comes after the recent decision concerning  decommissioning the high breed reactor Monju. This decision, if reached before the end of this year as required, allows us to foresee the end of nuclear rectors in Japan.
The surprising result of the gubernatorial election consolidates this outlook. Moreover, in view of the influence it will no doubt exert globally, it is no exaggeration to say that it will indeed give rise to the beginning of the end of nuclear reactors.

The restart is unthinkable hereafter. The project of a new Monju is doomed to failure.
We are reminded once again that, concerning nuclear issues, the instinct of citizens excels the expertise of experts.
The increasingly required change of the world’s mainstream that allows the presence of 440 nuclear reactors seems to have started as evidenced by the dawning of a maternal civilization. We are impressed by increasing female world leaders.

The recent revelations of scandals one after another allow us to feel the will of heavens and the earth that does not allow immorality to last long, permitting us to sustain hope for a better future.

The restart issue, the Toyosu fish market scandal and the Tokyo Olympic Games share the same cause and stem from the same root, greed. They will accordingly face similar cleansing solutions.
I am convinced President Obama will be encouraged by the new development in Japan that is an important step toward his vision
of denuclearization.

With warmest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata
(Former Ambassador to Switzerland)


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