Dear Friends,
In the book review of ”The propaganda of nuclear reactors”(Iwanami Shinsho) published in the Asahi News Paper of 10 July,a surprising fact is revealed.Two major advertising companies,the Dentsu Group and the Hakuhoudou had spent more than 2 trillion 400 billion yen to promote nuclear reactors prior to 3・11Fukushima  Accident.The propaganda restarted around March,2013,and is diffusing a ” myth of security of security”,minimizing the dangers of radiation.The infamous accounting system (soukatsu genka houshiki)is still allowed to persist and allows the accumulation of benefits defined as a given percentage of the costs!
The higher the cost, the bigher the benefit !
This system is the source of the promotion of nuclear reactors.
The impact of this book is beyond imagination.
In the Governertorial election 2016,candidates have started to take up the Tokyo Olympic Games.The most popular candidate Shuntarou Torigoe does not hesitate to stress that the “under control assertion”is a “big lie”. Takashi Uesugi,former secretary to FPM Yukio Hatoyama, in a interview of the weekly magazine”Shukan Posuto”(July 29)has made known his intention to renew totally the members of the Olympic Organizational Committee and to ask its President Yoshiro Mori to resign.The conclusion of the French investigation is yet to come.
Yesterday,recommended by the office of FPM Naoto Kan,I saw a film”The Lid of the Sun”(attached documents in Japanese) that concerns the dramatic five days after the 3・11 Accident.It is a journalistic entertainment,but actors play their role using real names.The film helps us to understand concretely the extreme cases of stress, fear,anguish and despair.We are led to be convinced that nuclear energy is beyond human control and that true denuclearization should be accomplished as soon as possible. This film will be officially presentedat the Montreal World Film Festival.It will certainly contribute to prevent Fukushima from being forgotten.
In this connection,I wish to remind you of the Fund of support for the American victims of the Tomdachi Operation established by FPM Koizumi with the cooperatin of FPM Hosokawa. The Fund is gaining support. It will also help to awaken the world to the real dangers of nuclear energy.
The situation in Fukushima is not improving. It is sad to receive the alarming information attached below.
We need a global awakening.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland
P.S. Some alarming information.
New research shows that most of the radioactive fallout which landed on downtown Tokyo a few days after the Fukushima accident was concentrated and deposited in non-soluble glass microparticles, as a type of 'glassy soot'. This meant that most of the radioactive material was not dissolved in rain and running water, and probably stayed in the environment until removed by direct washing or physical removal.
(Read more at:
The information below shows that we continue to face unknown sources of radiation across the world.
"Phoenix, AZ, July 14, 2016 – Deadly Ionizing Radiation at the EPA Radiation Monitor in Phoenix, AZ was reported at 1:01 PM July 14, 2016 from EPA Radiation Monitoring Unit No 956. The combined Beta and Gamma radiation count was 2,186 Counts a Minute CPM and steadily increasing..."
Those entrusted with preserving our environment have once again "changed the measure" -
This is a sad development that suggests EPA knows more about increased radiation levels than they are telling the public.

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