Dear Friends,
Mr. Robert Hunziker,prominent American journalist has sent me the attached letter of support for the Big Rally 2018 for Fukushima Without Nuclear Plants.
 He strongly disagrees with the Trump pe-emptive use of nuclear weapons.
He opposes “the Abe administration proposal to eliminate the 9th clause of the constitution.”
He considers it a violation of International Codes of Human Rights &Ethics to force evacuees to return to high high radioactive areas.He poits out that “raising exposure to 20 milli-Sievert per year is equivalent to an unconscionable act of terrorism against the people of Japan, especially to chilideren.”He considers it a violation of basic human rights not to report cases of  thyroid cancer of children.
He finally expresses his “adamant”opposition against the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata

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