Dear President Jimmy Carter,

I hope all goes well for you.

At present, Japan needs an international team of experts to verify the presence of neutron and tritium radiation disseminated throughout Japan, emanating from the fuel rods that have melted down in Fukushima, causing limitless steam. Abnormal 100% humidity widely observed in Japan gives ground for contact of the fuel rods with underground water and sea water.

A shocking speech by a researcher, Ichiro Iiyama, in the presence of former Prime Minister Hatoyama on June 27th revealed a potential tragedy due to the dreadful radiation.
The main points of the speech are 1.Renewed critical state is suspected. 2.Startling numbers of victims could result. 3.The governability of Japan being questioned, the international community, China and Russia in particular, could intervene to control the worsening situation.
4. Concrete cases of the consequences are already visibly increasing.

If verified as true, the future of Japan and the world cannot but be considered as seriously at stake. I am pleading for the carrying out of this verification as soon as possible to avert the panic of the public due to despair.

In the light of this new crisis, the Tokyo Olympic Games seem to be quite out of the question.

I have asked Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to look into this new crisis of global scale and to help to clarify the actual situation.
I am also in contact with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, sending her messages, though unilaterally.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With highest and warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata

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