A warning from Japan

Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland

The whole Japan was shaken by a big earthquake on May 30.
On that day, another leakage of contaminated water at F-I was reported .
Almost 10 per cent of recently inspected containers holding contaminated water at the the Fukushima Daiichi were found to be leaking radioactive water. The leaking containers are at risk of possible hydrogen explosions, according to some experts.

Mega earthquakes are approaching. The eruptions of volcanoes are increasing recently. Even Mt.Hakone and Mt.Fuji are now feared. Potential threats of Fukushima are seriously surfacing .
Under such circumstances, it is more and more considered irresponsible and immoral to host the Tokyo Olympic Games, hiding all the relevant serious risks.

 The initial commitments of the Tokyo Olympic Games are less and less kept. There will be no cover at the New Olympic Stadium. Tokyo alone cannot offer necessary facilities, etc. The Governor of Tokyo, Yoichi Masuzoe publicly blamed the Minister of Education and Science, Hirofumi Shimomura for not assuming full responsibility for the construction of the new Olympic Stadium.
The President of the IOC has not responded to the totally legitimate request of Dr. Caldicott made in January 2014 to reassure the safety by sending neutral scientists to Japan. The morality of the IOC is now being questioned. We are reminded of the meaningful article of the “Economist” (28 February, 2015), severely criticizing the FIFA and the IOC.

 The International Community can no longer remain indifferent to what is taking place to the molten fuel rods under the buildings of the Units 1,2,3.
The consequences are spreading worldwide, via the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere.

Recent earthquakes and volcano eruptions are reminding us that the presence of nuclear reactors in Japan results from a huge mistake.


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