Dear Friends,
I am sending you the article entitled “ Nuclear War Without a War” published in Newsweek ,May 24,2017.
It is extremely alarming as regards Fukushima,stating as follows:
“Fukushima disaster is totally out of control. This is a nuclear war without a war.
Fukushima radiation has contained entire Pacific Ocean,
Radiation detected in Europe and radiation at Fukushima reactors uncontrollable.”
The article refers to the elimination of the production of nuclear material altogether.In this respect, it is in line with the Symposium "Human rights, future generations and crimes in the nuclear Age" to be held in Basel next September.I have attached below relevent excerpts.
This article reminds us all the problems and confusions that have dishonorably characterized the Tokyo OPlympic Games 2020.The editorial of the Asahi News Paper of June 2 criticized the lingering disorder concerning its preparations and even pointed out the surfacing feeling of repugnance among the Japanese.
The State of emergency declared around the Fukushima No 1 power plant after the 3/11 accident has not yet been lifted. A responsible director of the Fukushima Prefecture told me on June 2 that Fukushima had not yet been declared “under control”, its definition having not yet been agreed upon.
Under such circumstances,it is no wonder that there is increasing support for retreating from the Olympic Games in favor of consecrating maximum efforts to cope with the aggravating consequences of Fukushima accident.
The Japanese should be informed of the crisis of the Unit 2 that could could trigger off an unimaginable nuclear disaster if an intensity 7 class earthquake should occur on the site, as warned repeatedly by Mr.Shuzo Takemoto, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University.
Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland
(Excerpts of the article)
To be sure, when nuclear goes wrong, it really, really goes wrong. There is huge increase in the number of cancer patients along with death rate of cancer patients in the world.
The Japanese Government teamed up with Toshiba to build robots that could help clean up the highly radioactive site of the Fukushima power plant meltdown. It turned out the robots couldn’t function in such high radiation levels: 600 Sievert per hour, which could kill a human being in about two minutes.
Nuclear World must be willing to accept far-reaching IAEA surveillance on all their nuclear facilities, including unannounced inspections by IAEA authorities. By imposing similar requirements on all nations, we could eliminate the production of nuclear material altogether. Then, when nuclear weapons are dismantled and the primary nuclear explosive materials are made inaccessible, a nuclear-weapons, nuclear energy and uranium ammunition free world would be within our grasp.

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