Dear Friends,
I am sending you the text of my speech made at the Fuji Declaration Symposium held at the UN University on 12 May.
I have attached some photos taken on that occasion.
It is ecouraging to note that newly established maternal organizations like gRising Wemen,Rising Worldhof Ms. Scilla Elworthty and gthe Soul of Wemenh of Ms.Masami Saionji allow us to witness the commenced shift from the current paternal civilization to a maternal one.Wemen will be playing a major role in achieving the shift of priority from economy to life,the very lesson of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

Speech made at the FUJI DECLARATION SYMPOSIUM of May 12, 2017
(Questions by the presenters of the Session 1.
Which qualities typically characterized as gfeminine,h and which typically characterized as gmasculine,h will be most useful for those seeking to ignite the divine spark?
- How can we notice when the masculine and feminine are in balance?
- How did you find this balance in yourself?
- How can we join love and power?
- How can the masculine and feminine principles be balanced in leadership?
- How might the power of the Divine Feminine and the strength of the Divine masculine harmonize to create a higher order of human expression?)

 In answering your questions, the importance of sensibility needs to be stressed as a feminine quality.
We are enlightened by Charlie Chaplinfs following words expressed in his film gDictatorh: We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.
As for masculine qualities, reason and intelligence are to be mentioned.
We need to bear in mind that these masculine qualities, if not controlled by sensibility could easily lead to egoism.
The frontal lobe of the brain has much to do with sensibility. How can we develop it ? In this connection, we are reminded of the traditional Japanese advices to the effect that cherished children should be encouraged to travel alone and that while young, we should even purchase troubles. I surmise that using thus our brains could develop sensibility.

This applies not only to children or the young. We know the effect of setbacks
in onefs life. We obtain caring capacity or sensibility. It is through sharing
with four childrenfs problems that I came to find the balance between the masculine and the feminine.

We can be fully persuaded of the Fuji Declaration pleading for a more spiritual and harmonious civilization when we face the sad fact that millions of people are on the brink of dying of hunger in this apparently wealthy but troubled world.

It is in this spirit that I have long been asserting that it is time to build a new civilization based on ethics and solidarity, respectful of the environment and the interests of future generations.

Today's material civilization is based on greed, which is now threatening the future of mankind and the globe. The prevailing supremacy of the economy has eroded the ethics of the present generation. Here we are reminded of the importance of "contentment." This is in line with the teaching advocated by spiritual leaders that happiness equals wealth divided by desire. In this numerical formula, desire is a denominator and wealth a nominator.
In this connection, we are enlightened by Mahatma Gandhifs words to the effect that the earth can provide for everyonefs need, but not for everyonefs greed.

The co-existence of diverse cultures and civilizations as well as various religions has become a problem of great challenge for the world. Cultural exchanges could be the key to resolving conflicts. Human happiness cannot be considered without culture. The counterattack of culture against the supremacy of economy to restore humanity is badly needed.

In this process, we should note the striking difference between paternal and maternal cultures. The former values competition and strength, whereas the latter attaches importance to harmony and compassion for the weak. There is a need to strike a balance between the two cultures. Maternal way of thinking is indispensable to secure world peace. It is encouraging to note that the shift from the current paternal civilization to a maternal one has already started.

In this respect, Japan, having conserved maternal culture, and having experienced Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima, has the historic mission to contribute to the realization of true denuclearization.@It is in this spirit
that the holding of a UN Ethics Summit that will create an International Day for Global Ethics is ardently awaited. The World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and AssociationsiWFUCAjdecided in March, 2013 to make 3/11, an International Day for Global Ethics.

Plato of Ancient Greece said gAll kings should be philosophers, otherwise the miseries of mankind will not disappearh. I believe in the will of heavens and the earth. It is the law of history researched by philosophy.
It has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous civilizations. It does not allow immorality to last long. It puts an end to all dictatorships. It sees to it that the end of the arrogant is inevitable. It allows us to have hope for the future of humankind and the planet earth.


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