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 It is indeed regrettable that Japan, the world’s sole victim of atomic bombings should have voted against the UN resolution of 28 October,
a landmark resolution to launch negotiations in 2017 on a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons. Survivers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have naturally expressed their anger and disappointment. Conscientious Japanese people will all agree that it is a historic mission of Japan to contribute to the accomplishment of true denuclearization, both civilian and military.
The will of the majority of the Japanese people has once again been belittled. This makes one question the governability of Japan.

We are reminded of the immoral realities of the present world.

 The preset crisis the world is confronted with is neither an economic crisis nor a monetary one.  It is a crisis of civilization.  The solution requires the mobilization of human wisdom on the widest global scale. Mankind faces a change of way of life not only in Japan, but the entire world.

The deeply-rooted cause of this crisis is the universally prevalent lack of ethics.  It is against fundamental ethics to abuse and exhaust natural resources that belong to future generations and leave behind permanently poisonous nuclear waste and enormous financial debts.  It is a matter of great urgency to put an end to this civilization based on greed.

Now is the time for us to transform it into a civilization based on “maternal culture” that gives the supreme value to life, and not to economy as heretofore. It can be defined as a maternal civilization based on ethics and solidarity that respects the environment and the interests of future generations.

   Under such circumstances, it is badly needed to hold a United Nations Ethics Summit as early as possible and to create an “International Day for Global Ethics” that will enable all nations, year by year, to reflect on the importance of ethics. 

The will of heavens and the earth(the law of history) tells us that immorality cannot last long. The main stream of the world has started to change.
The shift from the current paternal civilization, based on power and domination, to a maternal civilization, based on harmony and solidarity, is now becoming visible with increasing female top leaders.

The retreat from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 will start changing Japan.
It is simply immoral to continue to rely on the false assertion that Fukushima is under control. The IOC has not yet responded to the request
of verification coming from the civil society. It is deplored that the departure from the spirit of the Olympic Games is attaining its limitations due to its
excessive commercialization more and more disclosed recently in connection with Governor Yuriko Koike’s new initiative to reduce the Olympic expenditure.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

4 November 2016

Dear Friends,

I have received many reactions to my last message.
I am sending you some of them.I am hopeful for the solidarity of civil society on a global scale to better the world.

Toward the end of the message I wrote “ The IOC has not yet responded to the request of verification coming from the civil society. It is to be deplored that the departure from the spirit of the Olympic Games is attaining its limitations due to its excessive commercialization .....”
For instance, Governor Yuriko Koike is actually facing the pressure from the IOC and the Organizing Committee to to prepare 20.000 seats at the swimming pool in stead of 15.000 and this to secure their earnings.Only the Olympic can mobilize as many spectators.The Japanese public will not allow such extravagance.

Japan times of 3 November has published an article of Brian Victoria”Japan should stay out of U.S. sailors’ lawsuit against Tepco” which chalenges the ongoing attempt to play down and hide the consequenses of the Fukushima nuclear accident.The support fund created by Former Prime Minister  Koizumi is approaching its goal of 1 million dollars.

With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murta
(Former Ambassador to Switzerland)

Some reactions;

(From a British economist)

Thank you Murata-san, it is indeed appalling that Japan opposed the UN resolution of Oct.28th - even North Korea voted in favour!  This will go down in history as a huge mistake, with ethical and strategic.
I hope we can keep in touch.

(From Dr. Martin Vosseler,Co-Founder of IPPNW/Switzerland,Guiness record holder for crossing the Atlantic Ocean by a solar boat)

Dear Mitsuhei,

my hope is that all that - the Japanese vote against negotiations about nuclear abolition, disastrous politicians like Trump, Erdogan, Putin, the denial of the Fukushima catastrophe, the Olympic games in Japan etc. are the negative reflection of the dawn of a new consciousness, with global ethics, with responsibility for the future generations, with respect for nature, for animals, with the growth of a maternal civilization. Thanks so much for your midwife service catalyzing this new consciousness!

With warmest greetings,


(From an eminent Swiss banker)

Merci, cher ami, de cette triste communication.
Nous sommes revenus a une periode de guerre froide qui n’augure rien de bon.
Chaque jour, nous voyons que les budgets militaires des grandes puissances prennent l’ascenseur.
C’est vraiment inquietant surtout si l’on pense qu’une partie non negligeable de ces budgets sont consacres a des armements atomiques .
Le retour a des valeurs morales serait vraiment souhaitable mais qui des grands de ce monde s’en soucie



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