Tokyo, 7 January, 2016
Dear Ambassador Caroline Kennedy,

I am sending you my plea for President Obama’s new initiative in favor of a United Nations Ethics Summit.

As you know, I believe in President Obama’s historic role of generating and promoting an international stream of maternal culture whose characteristics are harmony and solidarity.

History has proven that paternal culture whose characteristics are competition and confrontation leads to catastrophies, bringing about militarism, terrorism and dictatorships. Herein lies the necessity of the shift from the actual paternal civilization to a maternal one.

In the deepening crisis of the world, the lack of ethics and morals is universally prevalent. The most dangerous example concerns the Fukushima nuclear accident. It goes without saying that the restart of nuclear reactors and the export of nuclear technology before finding out the causes of the accident are simply immoral and irresponsible.

The international community will not allow the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 to take place in view of the deteriorating situation in Fukushima. The health of hundreds of thousands eventual visitors is at stake. I am convinced that President Obama will understand the dangerous implications of this problem.

Please convey my warmest greetings to President Obama.

With highest and warmest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata

A plea for President Obama’s new initiative in favor of a United Nations Ethics Summit

2016, 1, 7
Mitsuhei Murata

President Obama’s vision for the World without Nuclear Weapons is in need of his new initiative in favor of a United Nations Ethics Summit.

・We need to bear in mind that the lack of ethics and responsibility is inherent in the use of nuclear energy. This is shown by the problem of the disposal of nuclear waste and the risks of nuclear weapons. The deeply-rooted cause of the crisis confronting mankind is the universally prevalent lack of ethics.

・The world has much to learn from Japan’s experience. We need a new international system that obliges all the governments struck by a nuclear disaster to dedicate maximum efforts to solve the crisis and to mobilize human wisdom on the widest possible scope.

・Fukushima has shown that the existence of a nuclear reactor itself constitutes a security problem. Consequently, it is necessary to strengthen international control over the safety of about 440 reactors in the world. Moreover, we should establish international control over the nuclear policies of those countries concerned and their systems of implementation.

・A new international system is needed to minimize the consequences of nuclear accidents. Fukushima is revealing the limitations of a government facing a national crisis, its longevity being but of several years. Nuclear accidents have shown  necessity of coping with their consequences semi- permanently.

・There is an interdependent relationship between global ethics, maternal civilization, and true denuclearization, both civilian and military. The UN Ethics Summit is its necessary precursor.

・The UN Ethics Summit is the beginning of the establishment of a global ethical system.


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