Tokyo,June 8,2015

Dear Ambassador Caroline Kennedy,

With reference to my last message dated June 4, 2015, I have the pleasure to inform you that Reverend Gunnar Stalsett, Former member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee has addressed me the following message.

“Dear Mitsuhei Murata

Thanks for keeping me updated on your epic efforts to halt the nuclear disaster train. The idea of an Ethics Summit should be pursued ,with civil society and religious leaders giving their input. The Global Ethics Initiative of i.a Professor Hans Kung, is worth revisiting. Warm regards

Gunnar Stalsett”

As an example of an organization aiming at creating a maternal civilization,I am sending you the following message from Dr. Scilla Elworthy, informing me of the setting up of Rising Women Rising World. It is presided by Dr. Jean Houston.

“Dear Mitsuhei Murata,

With regard to your vital first sentence,
and your second last sentence,
we entirely agree and have set up an organisation along these lines:Rising Women Rising World
Do have a look at the website
All best


I have received the attached message from one of my close collaborators abroad, suggesting me to “form a coalition of influential decision makers - in order to address this madness of the Olympic games 2020.”

I have decided to do so. 
Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With highest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata


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