Dear Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, 2016.1.6

I am sending you my best wishes for a very Happy New Year !

It is as a believer in the spirit of the Olympic Games that I am pleading for an honorable retreat, and this, in order for Japan to devote maximum efforts to controlling the Fukushima crisis.

I forsee some progress.
Here is an excerpt from an article to be published on 14 January by the Japan Times that interviewed former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

“Recently, he joined former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata, in calling for “an honorable retreat from the 2020 Olympic Games.”
Echoing Murata, who was also present at the interview, Hatoyama said, “In a situation in which nothing has been resolved at Fukushima, Japan must not sponsor something like the Olympic Games.”
"----for those open to new possibilities, including genuine reconciliation with its neighbors, Hatoyama may well be one of those rare sources of hope for the future of Japan and the world."

On 8 October, Professor Toshihide Tsuda of Okayama University pointed out at the Foreign Correspondent Club that, for residents of Fukushima under 18 years old at the time of the accident, the possibility of thyroid cancer breaking out is 20~50 times higher than the average.

The problem of the contaminated water at the site deteriorates with the increase of daily release by 200~300 tons.
In spite of the gravity of the situation in Fukushima, attempts are being made to disseminate "the declaration that Fukushima is safe” mobilizing a religious group and a former top leader of the defense forces.

Nobody believes that Fukushima is “under control”. The health of hundreds of thousands eventual visitors is at stake.

Under such circumstances, the Tokyo Olympic Games cannot but be deemed as totally out of the question.

This message continues to receive supportive reactions as attached below.
Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With highest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata

(From Gunnar Stalsett,former member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee)
Dear Ambassador Mitsuhei Murata
I wish you a successful new year in your important battle for a nuclear safe future.
Your perseverance is much to be admired.
Thanks you for what you are doing in behalf of humanity.
Yours Gunnar Stalsett

(From Mycle Schneider,famous nuclear expert)
Excellent, Mitsuhei-san,
your efforts are bearing fruit.
Wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a formidable 2016!

(From Robert Hunziker,American journalist living in Los Angeles)
Dear Mr. Murata,
Thank you so much for the kind words and inspirational message. I would like to inform you of an upcoming article to appear in a London international  magazine of stature. The title of the upcoming article is: "Tokyo 2020 in the Face of Hardship." The article appears in the March issue of the  magazine, which is released in mid February. I'll send you a copy.
My very best to you and yours for the new year.
Best regards,
Robert Hunziker
(From Nail B. Sinclair,Chairman,CyberTran International Inc. )
Well done!  Excellent work. Happy New Year to All,
Neil B. Sinclair

(From Libbe Halevy,producer/Nuclear Hotseat)
Dear Ambassador Murata,
Thank you for this, and for all your continuing efforts.  In this week’s Nuclear Hotseat, I did a year-end review through the lens of my Numnutz of the Week feature.  I took the opportunity to cite the 2020 Olympics twice and was able to work in a mention of your call for an “honorable retreat.”
I will continue to mention it whenever possible in the context of the show.
All success to you in this campaign, and may you have a safe, healthy and prosperous 2016.

(From Vinod Saghal, former general director of the Indian army's military training)

 more strength to your elbow in 2016 for your historic mission. I warmly reciprocate New Year's good wishes for you and yours.

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