Tokyo, February 1, 2016
Dear President Thomas Bach,

The most important task for Japan is to prevent Fukushima from further contaminating Japan and the world. Being at a loss what to do, the Government is trying to play down the deterioration of the situation.
The Tokyo Olympics disseminate the false impression that Fukushima is under control.

On January 26,former Prime Minister Naoto Kan  clearly denied it in Washington in a press conference held at the Congress.
The Government has spent only 346 million yen to cope with the problem of contaminated water. The Olympics are to spend 2~3 trillion yen!
Former Prime Ministers Kan Naoto and Yukio Hatoyama are now clearly denying the assertion that Fukushima is "under control".

In spite of all this, the nuclear dictatorship contuinues to have its own way, promoting restart of nuclear reactors without finding out the causes of theFukushima accident.
I encourage and console citizens feeling desperate with my new word "the will of heavens and the earth "which is the law of history researched by philosophy such as the inevitable fall of the arrogant or dictatorships.
It will not allow immorality to last long.

I am attaching excerpts of my book published in 2000.
It concerns Minister Amari who has left the Government because of his involvement in a bribery case.
He, representing the interests of electric companies, criticized me in a Cabinet meeting in April, 1999, for having recommended to be inspired by the Swiss energy policy not keen on nuclear energy. Minister Amari was then Minister for Labor.

In the attached paper article in French, he is indirectly quoted as having shortened my ambassadorship by a year and a half.

17 years later, I am feeling the support of "the will of heavens and the earth".

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata

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